12 January 2018

Les Misérables School Edition Rehearsal Schedule

Proposed rehearsal schedule for January 2018




Tuesday 9th Jan – Revision of all chorus singing to date. Revision of ‘At the end of the day’ with principals in place and supporting roles.

Revision of the ‘Chain gang’ principal parts and make a start to setting the ‘Chain gang’ excluding the Val Jean and Javert section


Thursday 11th Jan -  Principals in ‘Chain gang’ to look at vocal technique with Jen and Eddie including Marius/Valjean and Javert (Hannah to look at setting principal sections of ‘Chain gang’?)


Sunday 14th Jan -  Set ‘Master of the house’ and revise all numbers with Hayley


Tue 16th Jan – put together ‘Chain gang’ scene and continue to set ‘Master of the House’.


Thu 18th Jan – look at principal singing in ‘’One Day More’ and ‘Do you hear the people sing’


Sun 21st Jan – setting ‘Do you hear the people sing’ and ‘One Day More’ (whole cast)


Tue 23rd Jan -  revision and continue to work on ‘Master of the House’. Choose supporting principals for the ‘Cart Crash’ scene


Thu 25th  Jan – set ‘Cart Crash’ and the ‘Bargain Scene’


Sun 28th Jan -  Revision of ‘Do you hear the people sing’ and ‘One Day More’ (whole cast)


All the above schedule is subject to change and cast should expect to set more on a particular day if we get through what is on the schedule. During rehearsal Calum, Eddie, Hannah or Hayley may pull aside particular principals to get more done rather than cast having ‘down time’. Principals should expect to be called at any point by Eddie for singing.