1996: The Boyfriend (Children's Theatre)


'The Boyfriend' is set in the roaring 20's. We find ourselves in Madame Dubonnet's Finishing School on the French Riviera. The students, 'perfect young ladies', are looking forward to a Costume Ball that evening, but Hortense, the chic French maid, is not convinced that they are as perfect as they claim.

The demure Polly Browne announces she will attend the Ball as Pierette and her secret escort will appear soon, but Polly admits to Madame Dubonnet that she has no boyfriend. Her wealthy father forbids them in case they are after the family fortune.

Polly is attracted to the messenger boy Tony, and invites him to escort her to the Ball dressed as Pierrot. As we go through the scenes, it is apparent that love is in the air. Maisie, Polly's classmate, flirts with all the boys and Jolly Lord Brockhurst has an eye for the girls but Lady Brockhurst keeps an eye on him.

During the preparations, various incidents develop and skeletons in the cupboard are revealed.



Our 1996 cast is:


Hortense - Karin Morris

Maisie - Claire Fraser

Dulcie - Natalie Harran

Fay - Claire Crommie

Nancy - Cheryl Craig

Polly Browne - Suzanne Grady

Marcel - Andrew Ure

Pierre - Christopher Harran

Alphonse - Iain Hewitt

Madame Dubonnet - Anne Frater

Bobby Van Husen - Craig Gourlay

Percival Browne - Jim Morrison

Tony - Duncan Russell

Lord Brockhurst - Marshall Paterson

Lady Brockhurst - Carol Fraser

Gendarme - Gordon McDavid

Pepe - Gillian Steven

Lolita - Sarah Ewing

Pierette - Emma Falconer


Producer...Nan McDonald

Musical Director...David Faulds

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes

Rehearsal Pianist...Eddie MacLennan