2002: Brigadoon (Children's Theatre)


The story of 'Brigadoon' concerns two young Americans, Tommy & Jeff, lost during a hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands. They hear singing in the distance and seeing a village appear through the mist, they go to investigate. They arrive in the village as a fair is taking place and are amazed to find the townsfolk dressed in the style of the bygone day. The townsfolk find the Americans equally strange, but they make two friends in Fiona and Meg. Fiona and Tommy find in each other, a deep understanding. Jeff, however, is kept constantly and humorously on guard by the affectionate advances of Meg, who is attracted to every man she meets.

The two friends accept an invitation to the wedding of Charlie & Jeannie, but while waiting at the McKeith's house, they are bewildered by some entries in the family Bible and ask Fiona for an explanation.

Mr. Murdoch, the old Dominie, tells them the story of the minister who wanted to keep Brigadoon safe and had brought about the miracle that would let the village only come to life for one day every hundred years. In that way it would never be alive long enough to be contaminated by the outside world.

In the course of the day they encounter a fair, attend a wedding, there is a death and a funeral and Tommy finds himself falling in love with Fiona. As the day ends Tommy & Jeff have to leave and return to New York but Tommy soon feels the pull of Brigadoon too strong and breaks off his engagement to Jane. With Jeff, he journeys back to the Highlands in the hope of finding Brigadoon again and his beloved Fiona. For as Mr. Murdoch had told him, 'If you love someone deeply, anything is possible, even a miracle'.



Our 2002 cast is:


Tommy Albright - Scott McNiven

Jeff Douglas - Graeme Scott

Angus - Alan Purvis

Donald Ritchie - Ben Miller

Maggie Abernethy - Victoria Brankin

Harry Ritchie - Calum Fraser

Meg Brockie - Laura Nicol

Andrew MacKeith - Scott Jess

Fiona MacKeith - Siobhan Allardice

Jean MacKeith - Nicola Charleston

Charlie Cameron - Douglas Greig

Mr. Murdoch - Jonathon Rodgers

Piper - Andrew Boyle

Frank - Alan Purvis

Jane Ashton - Catriona Dunk

The Dancers - Katy Barron, Nyree Brankin, Victoria Brankin, Sarah Brown, Emma Hay, Rebecca Manson


Artistic Director...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes