2016: The Witches of Eastwick



The 2016 LAMP production in October is "The Witches of Eastwick".

The story is based around three female protagonists, the 'Witches' Alexandra Spofford, Jane Smart, and Sukie Rougemont. Frustrated and bored by their mundane lives in the town of Eastwick, a shared longing and desire for "all manner of man in one man" comes to life in the form of a charismatic stranger, a devil-like character, Darryl Van Horne. Seducing each of the women in turn Darryl teaches them how to further expand the powers locked within, though their new unorthodox lifestyle scandalizes the town. As these powers become more sinister and events spiral out of control, the women come to realise that Darryl's influence is corrupting everyone he comes into contact with and resolve to use their new-found strength to exile him from their lives.


We are delighted to announce our cast :


  • Darryl Van Horne                     John Knox
  • Alexandra Spofford                  Claire Withnell
  • Jane Smart                              Siobhan Smith
  • Sukie Rougemont                    Hannah Easton
  • Felicia Gabriel                          Sue Spencer
  • Clyde Gabriel                           Craig Lowe
  • Jennifer Gabriel                        Rebecca Gilles
  • Michael Spofford                      Chris Hogg
  • Little Girl                                   Erin Boyes

  • Brenda Parsley                        Fiona Deighton
  • Rev Ed Parsley                        Gregor Preston
  • Gina Marino                             Alison Train
  • Joe Marino                               Alastair Brown
  • Greta Neff                                Alison McLean
  • Raymond Neff                          Eric Brown
  • Marge Perley                           Shona Fraser
  • Dr Henry Patterson                  Gary Withnell
  • Rebecca Barnes                      Karine Stalker