1993: Brigadoon


'Brigadoon' is an idyllic Scottish village, stumbled upon by American hunters Jeff and Tommy. They soon learn that the town only appears once every 100 years in order to preserve its peace and special beauty. The citizens go to bed at night and when they wake up, it's 100 years later.  According to their covenant with God, no one from Brigadoon may ever leave, or the enchantment will be broken and the site and all its inhabitants will disappear into the mist forever.

Tommy falls in love with a beautiful young woman, Fiona, and is torn between staying or, as Jeff is encouraging him, going back to his hectic life in New York.

A Cinemascope film version of Brigadoon, directed by Vincente Minnelli, was released by MGM in 1954 with Gene Kelly, Van Johnson and Cyd Charisse in leading roles.



Our 1993 cast is:


Tommy Albright -  Willie Brown

Jeff Douglas - John Danskin

Donald Ritchie - David Wylie

Harry Ritchie - Keith Gibson

Angus McMonies - Thom Riddell

Andrew McKeith - Keith Bates

Fiona McKeith - Fiona Scott

Jean McKeith - Alison Connell

Meg Brockie - Lenna Gray

Charlie Cameron - Angus Laing

Maggie Abernethy - Elisa Laing

Mr. Murdoch - Jim Morrison

Frank - Tom Cuthbert

Jane Ashton - Shirley Hay

Sword Dancers - Amanda Louise Clark, Samantha Clark

Bagpiper - Mr S. Cassells

Drummer - Brian Purvis


Director...Nan McDonald

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Lorna Crawley