1995: Anything Goes


'Anything Goes' is set on The S.S. American, sailing from New York to England, which carries an unusual group of passengers. Included amongst them are a gangster (Moonface Martin), a wealthy debutante and her mother (Hope and Evangeline Harcourt), a nightclub singer (Reno Sweeney), and a wealthy New York businessman and his stowaway assistant (Elisha Witney and Billy Crocker).

It turns out that Hope is Billy's long-lost love. Unfortunately, she is now engaged to a wealthy Englishman, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. After a series of comedic happenings, Billy manages to win back Hope. Meanwhile, Billy's friend, Reno, manages to seduce and win Lord Evelyn. All this happens while Moonface Martin attempts to escape the law and Hope's mother strives to maintain her social status...

"Anything Goes" made its Broadway debut in 1934 with music and lyrics by Cole Porter and book by P.G. Wodehouse.



Our 1995 cast is:


Elisha J. Whitney - Thom Riddell

Steward - Jim Train

Reporter for the Globe American - Lenna Gray

Cameraman for the Globe American - Craig Gourlay

Sir Evelyn Oakleigh - Jim Morrison

Mrs Wadsworth T. Harcourt - Carol Fraser

Hope Harcourt - Alison Train

Bishop Henry T. Dobson - Alex Kemp

Reno Sweeney - Anne Frater

Billy Crocker - Willie Brown

Moon Face Martin - John Danskin

Ching - Karen Morris

Ling - Joanne McCann

Purser - Jim Nicol

Bonnie - Vivien Walker

Captain - David Wylie

Chastity - Fiona Scott

Virtue - Sarah Rumney

Charity - Jennifer Wylie


Director...Nan McDonald

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes