1997: The Sound of Music


'The Sound of Music' tells the story of a nun living in a convent, which, for Maria, is restrictive and unfulfilling, and she constantly, and often unintentionally, breaks the strict rules. The reverend mother decides that Maria, who is not cutting it as a nun, should leave and take on a job as governess at the nearby Von Trapp household in Salzburg.  The widowed, retired Austrian naval officer, Captain Von Trapp has made his Austrian home one of overly restrictive and harshly enforced discipline.

Through music and various outings, Maria gives the children a taste of a more fulfilling, joyous, life than they have ever known, and they come to love her very dearly. The Captain grows closer to his children, too, coming to understand the value and beauty of the freedoms that Maria has given them. Ironically, the freedom of all Austrians to live their lives to the fullest is in danger, for it is 1938, and Germany is marching into Austria.  The Captain is a patriot, passionate about the fulfilling life that Austria has always offered its citizens.

In his personal life, the Captain is having a romance with a wealthy, cultivated, and lovely Baroness, but he is becoming more and more captivated by Maria, and is falling in love with her, and she, too, feels growing affection for him. She is a nun, however, and unschooled in dealing with the situation. Frightened by the developments, Maria runs back to the convent, where the reverend mother convinces her that she must face, rather than run from, the situation, causing Maria to return to the Captain's home. It seems, though, that she is too late, learning that the Captain and the Baroness have become engaged.

The Captain, confides to the Baroness that he loves Maria, but the Baroness admits she had sensed it long ago, and the engagement is called off. The Captain and Maria marry, but an ugly situation befronts them upon return from their honeymoon -- the Captain has been summoned, in a telegram, by the Third Reich to serve in its navy. Due to the Captain 's unwillingness to serve the Third Reich, the Captain and Maria resolve to leave Austria, and, after escaping the pursuit of some Nazi officers, they set out, with the children, for the mountains of Switzerland on foot.



Our 1997 cast is:


Maria Rainer - Alison  Train

Captain Von Trapp - Willie Brown

Mother Abbess - Nan McDonald

Max Detweiller - Jim Morrison

Elsa Schraeder - Carol Fraser

Louisa Von Trapp - Megan Rodgers

Rolf Grumbler - Craig Gourlay

Sister Berhe - Sheila Rodgers

Sister Margaretta - Fiona Scott

Sister Sophia - Jennifer Wylie

Franz, the Butler - Jim Adamson

Frau Schmidt - Susan McFarlane

The Von Trapp children - Karin Morris, Duncan Russell, Jonathan Cameron, Claire Crommie, Nyree Brankin, Mhairi-Claire McIntyre


Director...Nan McDonald

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan