2001: Calamity Jane


'Calamity Jane' is set in Deadwood, Dakota Territory, in 1876. Largely the abode of men, Indian scout Calamity Jane is as hard-riding, boastful, and handy with a gun as any; quite an overpowering personality.

One of Jane's boasts brings her to Chicago to recruit an actress, the legendary Adelaide Adams, for the Golden Garter stage. However she mistaking hires the maid, Katie Brown.  After being exposed as an imposter, Katie becomes a star in her own right in Deadwood... All of Deadwood's hearts are won, not the least being the hearts of Calamity's close friends, Lieutenant Danny Gilmartin and Wild Bill Hickok.

After a ball given in honor of the new commander at Fort Scully, Calam, dressed in Katie's finery, is the belle of the event. Her hour of triumph explodes when she finds Katie with Danny. In a fit of jealous anger she orders Katie to leave town, but Wild Bill corners her and reveals to the inner Calam that she is a real woman despite the fact she professes to act like a man. She learns that it was Bill all the time (not Danny) she loved. The show ends with all of Deadwood's citizens attending a double wedding, that of Calam to Wild Bill and Katie to Lt. Danny Gilmartin.

In the film version of the musical, the title role was played by Doris Day and the role of Wild Bill, by Howard Keel.  Day's version of 'Secret Love' won an Academy Award. 



Our 2001 cast is:


Calamity Jane - Carol Fraser

Katie Brown - Shirley Hay

Wild Bill Hickok - Bob Clark

Lt. Danny Gilmartin - Keith Gibson

Francis Fryer - Steven Findlay

Henry Miller - Garry Withnell

Susan - Claire Porterfield

Adelaide Adams - Fiona Harrison

Rattlesnake - Jim Nicol

Doc Pierce - Eric Brown

Joe - Craig Gourlay

Hank - Gordon Smith

Pete - David Wylie

Colonel - Jim Train


Artistic Director...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes