2009: Return to the Forbidden Planet (Children's Theatre)


'Return to the Forbidden Planet' is a cosmic, high energy rock'n'roll musical is loosely based on Shakespeare's 'The Tempest' and the 1956 B-movie 'Forbidden Planet'.

The Intergalactic Starship Albatross takes off for a routine survey flight under the watchful command of Captain Tempest. Aboard this flight is the new female Science Officer with the crew who are led by the Bosuns and the Navigation Officers.  The crew includes Cookie, the ships cook, a hopeless romantic.

As the spaceship blasts its way through space, it encounters a storm of asteroids, the Science Officer flees taking the only emergency shuttle craft. Meanwhile the Albatross is being pulled inexorably towards the Planet D'Illyria... which is not marked on their charts!

The adventure now begins.....

Featuring songs such as 'Good Vibrations', 'Shake, Rattle n Roll', 'Monster Mash' and 'Great Balls of Fire' it is sure to have audiences rocking in the aisles!



Our 2009 cast is:


Captain Tempest - Euan Mason

Miranda - Karine Stalker

Gloria - Hannah Easton

Doctor Prospero - Stuart Wright

Ariel - Jane Henderson

Bosun - Michael Laird

Bosun's mate - Billy Stevenson

Cookie - Sandy Bain

Newsreaders - Christie Jamieson, Sally Bell, Christina McCall

Other characters - Eva Dickson, Alexander Douglas, Lucie Douglas, Aaron Walker


Director...   Amanda-Louise Clark

Musical Director...   Eddie MacLennan