2010: Billy Elliot (Children's Theatre)


'Billy Elliot' is the inspirational story of one boy’s dream to realise his ambitions against the odds. Set in the North East of England against the background of the historic 1984/ ‘85 miners’ strike, Billy pursues his passion for dance in secret to avoid the disapproval of his struggling family.

Full of life, laughter, incredible dancing and, unforgettable music by Elton John, this inspirational theatrical experience will stay with you forever.

Our production was the Scottish Amateur Premiere, and a complete sell-out!  Visit our Facebook page to see rehearsal photos and video clips and photos from the show... You can view or purchase a larger selection of photos at leask.org

This production of Billy Elliot the Musical is being produced as part of Billy Youth Theatre.



Our 2010 Cast is:


Billy Elliot - Sandy Bain

Mrs Wilkinson - Hayley Fleming

Dad - Ross Miller

Tony - Euan Mason

Michael - Aiden Rennison

Debbie - Christina Haston

Gran - Jane Henderson

Dead Mum - Hannah Easton

Big Davey - Michael Laird

Mr Braithwaite - Stuart Wright

George - Fiona West

Older Billy - Andrew Coleman

Panellists - Sally Bell, Chloe Dickson, Christina McCall, Karine Stalker

Ballet Girls - Morven Cunningham, Eva Dickson, Rebecca Fearn, Kate Henderson, Amber Ibrahim, Anna MacLeod, Anna McEwan, Rebecca McFarlane, Lucy Queenan, Claudia Smith, Emma Thomson


Director... Siobhan Brown

Musical Director... Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer... Amanda-Louise Clark