2019 Betty Blue Eyes

LAMP performed Betty Blue Eyes from 14th - 19th October 2019 in Linlithgow Academy.

Betty Blue Eyes is a 2011 stage musical comedy based on the 1984 film A Private Function, and features music by George Stiles, with lyrics by Anthony Drewe.

The book was written for the stage by Ron Cowen and Daniel Lipman, adapted from Alan Bennett's original screenplay.

Belts are being tightened and the country’s long-suffering citizens are being told by the government that there will be fair shares for all in return for surviving Austerity Britain. Meanwhile local officials feather their own nests by taking far more than their own fair share. It is of course 1947, and having won the war Britain seems to have lost the peace, and the country is staggering under the burden of acute rationing, unemployment and the coldest winter for decades. The only bright spark on the horizon is the impending marriage of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip.

This is an utterly British musical, full of eccentric characters, such as the strange odd couple, Gilbert – an evangelistic chiropodist, and Joyce – a nobody determined to be somebody; Inspector Wormold - an obsessive destroyer of illegal meat; Mother Dear – ‘She’s seventy four and ravenous’; along with a weird assortment of bullies, spivs and snobs and of course, our star, Betty the pig.


 Production Team

Director Sandy Queenan
Musical Director Eddie MacLennan
Choreographer Claire Withnell



Gilbert Chilvers Craig Lowe
Joyce Chilvers Hannah Easton
Mother Dear Carol Fraser
Mr Allardyce Jepser Petersen
Mrs Allardyce Rebecca Holmes
Veronica Allardyce Abbie Mason
Inspector Wormold Eric Brown
Sergeant Noble Gregor Preston
Dr Swaby Keith Hewitt
Mr Sutcliff Chris Hogg
Mr Lockwood Guy Sutherland
Mrs Lockwood Karine Stalker
Mrs Turnbull Laura Calder
Mrs Lester Gillian Taylor
Mrs Roach Janet Heron
Mrs Tillbrooke Jennifer Miller
Mr Metcalf Mark Eggeling
Mrs Metcalf Fiona Deighton
Arthur Cunliff Garry Withnell
Mrs Cunliff Janet Wilson
Mr Nuttall Andrew Mackie
Mr Baraclough Ally Brown
Prince Phillip Lewis Eggeling
Princess Elizabeth Kirsty McEwan