2013: Thoroughly Modern Millie


'Thoroughly Modern Millie' is the story of Millie Dilmount, a young girl from Kansas who moves to New York for a chance to make something of herself. Her goal is to become a stenographer and marry her boss, so that she can strike it rich. Shortly after arriving in New York, Millie is mugged and in her panic for someone to help her, she trips bypasser Jimmy Smith, a paper clip salesman, who lectures her on why she needs to head back home. Millie ignores his advice and moves into Hotel Priscilla, owned by Mrs Meers, who, in reality, is a dealer in white slavery. Millie gains a job at Sincere Trust and falls for her boss, Trevor Graydon III. She announces to her friends her intention to marry him and to celebrate, they go to a Speakeasy where they meet Jimmy, however the club is raided by the police and Jimmy & Millie end up in jail. Millie begins to fall for Jimmy but then she sees him sneaking out of Miss Dorothy's room after what appears to be a late-night tryst. Confused and horrified, Millie decides she never wants anything to do with Jimmy again and turns to Muzzy Van Hossmere, a rich singer in town, who instructs Millie to love because of money.

At Sincere Trust, Millie tells everyone that she is completely over Jimmy but then quickly realises that she is still in love with him. Miss Dorothy comes to visit and Trevor Graydon is immediately smitten with her. Meanwhile, Mrs Meers, with the assistance of her 2 Chinese workers Bun Foo & Ching Ho (who has also fallen for Miss Dorothy), is trying to kidnap Miss Dorothy. Jimmy & Millie finally realise their feelings for each other and encounter Trevor Graydon, who has been stood up for a date by Miss Dorothy. They realise what Mrs Meers is up to and persuade Muzzy to pose as an orphan so that they can expose Mrs Meers. Mrs Meers is caught however Ching Ho had already saved Miss Dorothy and won her heart.

Jimmy proposes to Millie and admits to being Herbert J. van Hossmere III, Muzzy's step-son and Miss Dorothy turns out to be his sister, Dorothy Carnegie Mellon Vanderbilt van Hossmere. Muzzy had cut them both from the family riches and sent them out into the world to find a spouse who was not in it for the money.


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Our 2013 cast is:


Millie Dilmount - Amanda Leask

Jimmy Smith - Graeme Scott

Trevor Graydon III - Cameron Leask

Miss Dorothy - Siobhan Smith

Mrs Meers - Carol Fraser

Muzzy van Hossmere - Sheila Rodgers

Mrs Flannery - Fiona Deighton

Ching Ho - Sandy Queenan

Bun Foo - Les Fulton

Dorothy Parker - Sue Spencer

Daphne - Gillian Taylor

Dexter - Garry Withnell

Gloria - Claire Fraser

Alice - Alison Train

Ruth - Rebecca Gilles

Lucille - Alison McLean

Ethel Peas - Caroline Steven

Cora - Karine Stalker

Rita - Lauren Scott


Director...Malcolm J Burnett

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda-Louise Clark