2007: Guys & Dolls (Children's Theatre)

'Guys & Dolls' tells the story of Nathan Detroit, a small-town gambler who runs an illegal floating crap game, despite constant encouragement to “go straight” by Miss Adelaide, a night club singer whom he has been engaged to for 14 years. When a surge of “high rollers” comes to town, Nathan is pressured to find a place to hold his floating crap game. Due to strong police activity, namely Lt Brannigan, he can only find 1 spot, the Biltmore garage. The owner’s requirement, however, is a $1000 deposit for security, which Nathan does not have.

Nathan comes across Sky Masterson, a gambler willing to bet on virtually anything. Nathan proposes a bet which seems impossible to lose – take Sarah Brown, a straight-walking sister at the Save-a-Soul Mission, to dinner – in Cuba! Surprisingly, Sky manages to get Sarah to agree to the date, putting Nathan in an even worse position. Over the course of their date they begin to fall in love with one another.

Nathan is also struggling in his relationship with Adelaide. Tired of his lying, she walks out on him. Meanwhile Sky is having problems of his own with Sarah as their conflicting lifestyles clash. Convinced that his love for Sarah is true, Sky makes a good on a bet he made with Sarah to fill her failing mission with a dozen sinners. Also, he lies about succeeding on his original bet with Nathan and pays him the $1000. At the same time, Sky wins a bet with the guys at Nathan’s crap game that results in them having to appear at Sarah’s mission.

Sarah fatefully runs into Adelaide where the 2 realise that they cannot fight love any longer. Adelaide is relieved when Sarah mentions that Nathan had attended a service earlier in the night, which Adelaide thought he had been lying about.


Linlithgow Gazette show review available here!



Our 2007 cast is:


Sky Masterson - Euan Mason

Sarah Brown - Kathryn Russell

Nathan Detroit - Stuart Wright

Miss Adelaide - Kate Inglis

Nicely Nicely Johnson - Sandy Bain

Benny Southstreet - Michael Laird

Rusty Charlie - Ross Miller

Harry the Horse - Catriona Fraser

Angie the Ox - Heather Cunningham

Arvide Abernathy - Hannah Easton

Lt Brannigan - Jamie Clark

General Cartwright - Jane Henderson

Big Jule - Aaron Walker

Mimi - Karine Stalker

Agatha - Misha McCullagh

Calvin - Ryan Ledwidge


Producer...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda Clark