2000: The King & I (Children's Theatre)


'The King & I' opens on the deck of the Chow Phya, where Anna Leonowen's and her son Louis are on their way to Siam, where Anna is to become governess and tutor to the Royal children. They are met by the Kralahome - the King's right hand man. Anna has been told she will have a house of her own but the Kralahome insisits she must come to the Royal Palace.

In his palace, the King receives a gift from the prince of Burma, delivered by Lun Tha. The gift is a girl, Tuptim, who is unhappy to be in Siam as she is in love with Lun Tha.

Anna meets the King, his wives and his 67 children and begins the process of teaching. She is still in dispute with the King regarding her own house and when he refuses her request yet again, she threatens to leave.

Anna persuades the King to hold a western-style dinner to show the British Ambassador, Sir Edward Ramsay, that Siam is not a barbarous country. Anna and Sir Edward are old friends and when the King sees them dance together he is jealous and for the first time calls her by her first name.

Lun Tha has been ordered back to Burma but he and Tuptim plan to elope and confide in Anna.

After dinner, Tuptim's ballet version of Uncle Tom's Cabin is staged and afterwards the King gives Anna an emerald ring. News arrives of Tuptim's elopement. Lun Tha is dead and Tuptim is returned to the palace where Anna prevents the King from whipping her.

Several months pass and the King has been ill for some time. Anna is planning to leave but she goes to see him one last time. The children beg her to stay and she agrees. The King dies and Anna sobs as the curtain falls.



Our 2000 cast is:


Captain Orton - Kevin Lawrence

Louis Leonowens - Craig McIntyre

Anna Leonowens - Leanne Baillie

The Interpreter - Graeme Scott

The Kralahome - Peter Hannah

The King - Scott McNiven

Lun Tha - Douglas Greig

Tuptim - Ciara Monteith

Lady Thiang - Pamela Scott

Prince Chulalongkorn - Sean Campbell

Sir Edward Ramsay - Kevin Lawrence

Wives - Megan Rodgers, Claire Kennedy, Victoria Brankin, Siobhan Allardice, Heather McCaig, Ashley Brown, Patricia Hagenbuch, Jennifer Gale

Dancers - Siobhan Allardice, Victoria Brankin, Lauren Hurcombe, Emma Hay, Rebecca Manson, Nyree Brankin


Producer...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes