2006: Annie (Children's Theatre)


'Annie' is set in 1933 in the depths of the Great American depression. Annie lives in the municipal orphanage on New York's Lower East side. Miss Hannigan is the principal in charge of the orphanage and needs no lesson on being compared to the wicked witch of the West. Annie decides to escape and try and find her parents, this proves unsuccessful, however, Grace Farrell, secretary to the billionaire Oliver Warbucks, is searching for an orphan to invite back to the Warbucks' household to celebrate Christmas.

Oliver Warbucks taker to her and institutes a nationwide search to try and find the little girls real parents. Miss Hannigan interferes and primes her brother Rooster and his girlfriend, Lily, suggesting that they claim Annie as their daughter and thus the reward that goes with the information.

Rooster and Lily turn up at the Warbucks' and claim Annie and the reward. However, Grace has seen Rooster at Miss Hannigan's and smells a rat. Subsequently, the couple's fraudulent claim is exposed and we discover that Annie's parents had, in fact, died some time ago. Warbucks plans to adopt Annie and her fellow orphans are invited back to the Warbuck's home to share in the festival of Christmas, just as America looks forward to future prosperity in the wake of the depression.



Our 2006 cast is:


Annie - Kayley Shaw

Miss Hannigan - Shona Fraser

Bundles - Jonathon Rodgers

Dog Catcher - Christopher McFarlane

Sandy - Bobby

Lieutenant Ward - Nicole Henderson

Grace Farrell - Catriona Allison

Mrs Pugh - Jennifer MacLennan

Mrs Greer - Becki Roy

Drake - Jamie Clark

Oliver Warbucks - Stephen Campbell

Rooster - Scott Jess

Lily St. Regis - Heather Tulloch

Bert Healy - John Brown

Fred McCracken / Wacky - Ross Miller

Boylan Sisters - Heather Cunningham, Jennifer MacLennan, Becki Roy

Franklin D. Roosevelt - Jonathon Rodgers

Whitehouse Cabinet - John Brown, Jamie Clark, Hannah Easton, Christopher McFarlane, Ross Miller


Producer...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda Clark